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Settle Outdoor now accepts and welcomes guest contributions.

Want to have your work featured here? Please follow the guidelines below.

Settle Outdoor accepts contributions from adventure enthusiasts, upcoming blogs looking for a platform to advertise their content. There are two ways to contribute to Settle Outdoor:

  • Schedule: Contributors are invited to write on a recurring schedule (either monthly or quarterly).
  • Ad hoc: This is for contributors who are only able to contribute sporadically, and need to let us know their frequency. Posts run whenever there is an opening on the editorial schedule and agreement with the blogger.

Posts Must Be 100% Original

No plagiarism! We use available platforms to scan text submitted that is already available and must be properly attributed.

What to Write About

Settle Outdoor is a blog that focuses on Outdoor Adventures, experiences, camping, hiking and other outdoor-related activities.

The most successful articles tend to be including our favourites:

  • Lists (e.g., examples, tips, tools, tactics)
  • How-to articles/guides
  • Expert roundups
  • Personal reviews of products or experiences.

Editorial Review and Corrections

  • We may add a disclaimer at the end of any article to disclose any relationships that either Settle Outdoor or the author may have.
  • Posts will be edited at our discretion and might include adding some extra photos and product affiliate links.
  • Grammar and typos are checked for

Republishing Content Guidelines

In order to avoid duplicate content issues with Google, we permit content to be republished 14 days after publishing on Settle Outdoor. You MUST use a canonical link.

Your Bio

We give you the chance to customize the Author Box with the following:

  • Blog URL
  • Twitter URL
  • Facebook URL
  • Other URLs you want us to feature

If the above is of interest to you, and you have your pen and mind ready for hashing out adventure experiences please fill our form to reach out to us!