ikiPele – Compact Heater & Burner

The ikiPele is a sustainable pellet heater that uses CO2 neutral wood pellets. It gives you warmth and outdoor cooking options.

The guys at inMarket have made a fabulous invention, that stands out in its category and what is it?

ikiPele – Compact Heater & Burner

IkiPele means small volcano in Hawaiian, and this is what exactly the ikiPele stands for.

Settle Outdoor - ikipele - Specs
Specifications of the ikiPele

At just 12lb and 6.5 inches in diameter, the ikiPele can be used on your next camping or hiking trip or even in your garden or balcony, for its warmth if not for keeping food warm and hot.


The ikiPele is a true alternative to wood fire. Why?

Wood Stoves are a popular option as it doesn’t require campers or hikers to require any fuel on the trip and sometimes that old-fashioned bonfire is what is required on the trip.

But on the downside, they require more time, effort than any of the stoves mentioned below and if it’s raining, finding good wood would be difficult.



The ikiPele uses wood pellets, which radiate heat, and can be used for roasting your favorite foods as well.

The wood pellets are burned using a process that converts them into gas directly and this produces a fire of high temperature, high efficiency, and almost no smoke.

Settle Outdoor - ikipele - Combustion

These pellets are made from made from compacted sawdust and related industrial wastes from the milling of lumber, manufacture of wood products and furniture, and construction, thus making efficient use of nature in the process.

After about 45 minutes of burning at full efficiency and high temperature, the pellets will glow for another 45 minutes, this is the perfect time for roasting marshmallows. Why?

Because full flames will light up and burn the marshmallows completely. It is that these hot embers that emerge after 45 minutes will be your secret to the perfect toasty crust around the marshmallow. (I’m already salivating)

But be careful, do not overdose! Marshmallows are basically balls full of sugar. You have been warnmed (warned + warmed:)

How does the ikiPele Work?

During combustion, the solid pellets are converted into heat and wood gas. In a normal fire, this wood gas is not used, but not with the IkiPele. The wood gas is extracted from the fire and is injected again at the top of the fire where it ignites. This prolongs heat radiation, offers higher temperature and the end result is a beautiful, smoke-free fire.

Settle Outdoor - ikipele - Glowing of Pellets
Heat Radiating from the ikiPele

The ikiPele is made of Stainless Steel with an enamel coating.

If you are wondering, what makes the difference, let us help you out.

Stainless Steel is an alloy that contains a majority portion of iron and a 10-15% of chromium. Stainless steel is more resistant to corrosion than normal steel and does not react with the moisture in the air, meaning no rust.


So that’s how the magnificent invention from the guys at ikiPele works and makes your marshmallows taste amazing and no other gadget out there matches the Ikipele’s attributes. Care to prove us wrong?

Comment below and let us know what other gadget have you seen, that is eco-friendly, helps in recycling and lets you eat those beautifully roasted marshmallows?

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