This Grill will Make you Love Outdoor Adventures- M1 Grill Kit

Food is what drives the brain, right? And whats the best way to cook other than using a grill?

From Backyard to Back Country is what the M1 Grill Kit, truly stands for. Not only you can use it in your backyard for making some delicious BBQ or steak and some chops, but you can also do exactly the same in the woods. This is why we feel that M1 Grill Kit is the only Grill that a man needs.

Wolf Grizzly M1 Grill Kit

As with any city resident, all outdoor goods and gear are either kept in the basement or in the balcony, for a variety of reasons, either they are bulky or take up space and volume and by time, they are either forgotten or rust due to oxidation.

The M1 grill solves all that issues, with it weighing only 2.2 lbs (1KG) and roughly 16 in (40cm) in length, this ingenious and innovative piece of stainless steel can take no place in your room or the trunk of your SUV.

Settle Outdoor - This Grill will Make you Love Outdoor Adventures - Weight

So What’s Great About an Ordinary Steel Grill?


It only contains two parts, not 20 or 30 pieces, like the traditional grills – Frame and Surface and yes both of them are independent and the frame is collapsible and the surface is rollable, all in all, the grill closes taking no more than 1.5 in diameter and has a cooking perimeter of roughly 11 inches both length and breadthwise.

Settle Outdoor - WG Grill Kt - Grill Animation
Components of the WG Grill

The M1 Edition Grill consists of a frame that opens straight up and 4 corners provide support for placing the rollable cooking surface that you secure in place. A stability rod provides added weight support and keeps your food secure, even with minor bumps as you add fuel to your fire.

And everything in grill from the frame to the bolts and screws is 100% stainless steel and why is that important?

The M1 Grill Kit is made of 304 Stainless Steel, which generally contains 16 and 24 percent chromium and up to 35 percent nickel, as well as small amounts of carbon and manganese and has excellent corrosion resistance and has no Teflon residue in it which is known to be carcinogenic to humans when it is heated up.

Plus, it comes with its own microfiber cloth for cleaning.

Bonus Tip: Steel brushes should never be used for cleaning such type of grills.

Why? It might be that either a fragment of the steel brush could embed into the surface of the stainless grill, thus removing its stainless properties and compromise the protective oxide layer, thus beginning to rust over time, just like normal steel.

What’s Next?


Did you ever hear of an Outdoor Grill being adjustable? Well, this is. The M1 Grill Kit is fully adjustable, having 3 bullets each strategically placed at different height configurations to deal with the variations in fire sizes.
Height Adjustment Feature of the WG Grill


High Position – To Cook over cooking over a small wood fire. This applies outdoors, as due to wood logs, being hefty and huge, you would need height to cook over them. Did you know cooking on wood brings the best flavor and aroma to the rib steak or that juicy BBQ?


Mid Position – For a charcoal BBQ, either in the city, in your backyard or in your driveway. This means that the grill gets hotter quickly and the grill is ready for action in no time. When cooking over charcoal, the charcoal acts as a direct heat source. Thus, keeping the grill at medium allows being cooked over low or medium heat, thus again adding flavor to the food. Be sure to evenly layer out the charcoal under the grill, so the heat is spread evenly.


Stay Flat – Well, to bring the chef out in you. Cook as you like based on the conditions of your environment whether you are in the city or in the woods, you can find an adjustment that you like. Bonus Tip: Be sure to build a food guard like a piece of aluminum wrap to avoid the food cooking too fast as it adds a layer of protection in between the food and the flame and slows the cooking process, thus adding more flavor.

It is all about adding the flavor to the food, isn’t it?

Settle Outdoor - This Grill will Make you Love Outdoor Adventures - Included Accessories
Accessories included with the WG Grill

The kit also comes with a fire starter to have the wood ready to burn and when you are done, use the microfiber cloth we were talking about above and simply clean it and once you are feeling full, it is time to be back on the road, just collapse the grill and you are ready to go. Nothing complicated.


We hope you’ve enjoyed reading our review of the M1 Grill Kit and this grill should be article should give you some great tips on how to get hiking and be organized for your next trip.

Do let us know your thoughts in the comments below or share how you like your food outdoors and what gear you use.

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