17-Tool Survival Kit with Knife That Fits in Your Wallet

$19.97 (as of August 29, 2020, 12:59 am)

The World’s Smallest, Survival Kit with a Knife,
Emergency, Disaster Micro-Toolkit.


  • MADE IN THE USA: From American Made 0.025 inch Thick, Hardened, 302 Stainless Steel (Known for Its Strength and Corrosion Resistance).
  • The Tiny SURVIVAL CARD travels on our exclusive magnetic base permitting you to pre-sharpen the knife and place it back at the base for storage.
  • The Tiny SURVIVAL CARD is designed for on a regular basis Raise and fits in a wallet, pocket, purse, glove box or survival kit
  • Smallest, Lightest, So much Comprehensive, Wallet-Raise, Emergency / Survival Kit (with a Knife) EVER Designed.
  • CREDIT-CARD Sized and Weights Less Than an Ounce – Tiny Survival Card is Designed for Each and everyday Raise and Fits in a Wallet, Pocket, Purse, Glove Box or Survival Kit
      •  1 Multi-Functional Mini Knife and Spear Point
      • 1 Micro Finger Drill
      • 3 Stitching Needles
      • 2 Small Fishing Hooks
      • 2 Medium Fishing Hooks
      • 2 Double Finishing Hooks
      • 1 Mini Button
      • Fishing Entice
      • 2 Mini Gig
      • Harpoons
      • 1 Dual Edge – Fine and Medium Saw
      • 1 Set of Mini Tweezers

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