Smith’s 50185 Jiffy-Pro Handheld Sharpener

 (as of September 25, 2020, 8:06 pm) $9.98




Product Description

Pro Series. 7 5/8″ overall. Composition housing with soft grip maintain. Knuckle guard. Two-stage sharpening – coarse and fine. Features carbide and ceramic surfaces. Premium abrasives for a sharper cutting edge. Features large slot in maintains for game shears. Preset sharpening angles for excellent results each and every time. Designed for field or home use. Easily attaches to belt or backpack. Sharpens knives, scissors and game shears. Hang packaged.

Simple and dependable, Smith’s Jiffy-Pro handheld sharpener is quick, protected, and easy to use in the field, back at camp, or in your house. Its knife sharpening slots incorporate crossed carbide blades used to set the edge on your blade and crossed ceramic rods used for honing the final edge to razor sharpness. These fixed abrasive components create a preset sharpening angle that guarantees results each and every time.

Ideal for sharpening skinning/filet knives, the Jiffy-Pro also includes a scissors sharpener integrated into the maintain. It uses a patented “floating” carbide rod that adjusts to fit the precise bevel of the blades, and it’s been specifically enlarged to accommodate game shears.

The crossed carbide blades used in the head of the Jiffy-Pro are precision ground to provide smoother, more consistent metal removal when setting the edge on a very dull or damaged straight edge blade. The extra-fine, crossed ceramic rods on the side of the sharpener are designed to finish and polish the edge to razor sharpness. They’re also excellent to use for maintaining an already sharp cutting edge by pulling the blade through the sharpening slot three or four times before each and every use and as soon as you notice it’s not working in addition to it must all overuse.

The Jiffy-Pro has a soft grip, rubber maintains for a firm, comfortable grip in all conditions and is made of lightweight, durable plastic. It fits in your pocket or backpack, or can easily be attached to your belt or pack on account of the uniquely designed finger guard, which is open on one end.

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