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Contains mostly everything that you require for an outdoor adventure

Lunching with the Muncher

Introducing the Muncher

Did you know that you could pack 10 functions in just 20 grams? The Muncher claims that it is the world’s most functional Camping Titanium Multi Utensil, so we at Settle Outdoor put it to the test.

So first and foremost here is the list of functions that the Muncher is advertised for and we will review them in detail as we progress.

  • Spork
  • Serrated butter knife
  • Can opener
  • Bottle opener
  • Peeler
  • Firestarter
  • Cord cutter
  • Pry-bar
  • Box cutter
  • Flathead screwdriver
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First Look

The packaging of the Muncher is made from recycled packaging, thus showing that the tool cares about the environment where it is to be used and as we know, we follow the Seven Principles every camper should follow is that to dispose of waste properly which along with others is covered in our article here.

A Hypalon type premium pouch lets you know what it’s only not only the cover that is premium, but the tool is indeed an important asset for any outdoor trip. Attached is a carabiner to the pouch that allows it to be attached to your belt or your backpack.



The box contains the Muncher in the Hypalon pouch and comes together with a firestarter. We had some troubles with starting fires with it and as it is a freebie and comes together with the Muncher, its an added accessory for free.


Unboxing the Muncher

The packaging had a small card inside that defined the meaning of munch (psst. it is a verb) that is so well played that smiles did not come off when we saw it and that is a very clever way that we appreciate. On the back of it, there is a discount code that anyone can use. The discount code is mentioned at the end of the article, so keep reading!

Our Take

We did not get to go camping so instead had it used and reviewed at a premium upscale restaurant ordering food that would match camping – grilled chicken and some mashed potatoes.


Muncher – Put to the test

Here are the various functions of the Muncher we put to the test and our review is as follows:


  • Spork –Β Let’s define what a spork is. It is a combination of a spoon and a fork in a single attachment. The tines or prongs of the spork were sharp enough to pierce the semi-hard vegetables and earned a point. While eating the mashed potato, we felt that the spork did not have to be too deep although it allowed for big portions, there was a certain discomfort while eating.


  • Serrated Knife – The serrated knife went up and beyond our expectations. It was able to tear through the chargrilled chicken and we were staggered. This 20g tool is packed with power in it. It also allows the butter to be spread smoothly with the same knife.


  • Fire Flint – After our lunch, we head outside to an open area and tried to light a fire in a safe place. We experienced issues when it came to light a fire and were unsuccessful in doing so and tried many times, however after testing the product outside and when was writing the article, I found out that there is a particular way to get it to work and upon doing so I was successful at getting some very small minute sparks, but it did work.


  • Flathead – This was tried later and not at the dining table and the Muncher due to its ergonomic nature was very useful for opening not only flat screws but pozidriv screws as well in our experience.


  • Rope Cutter – This was also tested later =and was able to cut successfully through various types of fabric.


  • Peeler – We have not tried peeling any potatoes until now, but should expect it to be able to peel them off easily.


  • Box Cutter / Bottle Open – We have not tried those functions, so cannot give an opinion, however, believe the superior capabilities of the product would not prove us wrong in their functions as well!


Our Verdict

Overall we love the Muncher. Although one needs to be careful and delicate with hand positioning as to when holding the Muncher as we found the box opener / serrated knife poking or driving into your palm or too pokey as to when you are using the spork, it is designed with versatility and economical uses in mind, also being easy to clean.

The titanium in the spork is highly polished. Each feature has been well thought out with the camper or the adventurer in the outside woods in mind. The firesteel as mentioned is not as strong and we recommend getting other recommendations mentioned in our guide here such as the Ralix Survival Spark in addition to having this as a backup.

And yes, to mention again we just love its pouch! Got to get more of those. For all of those who read the whole article, here is a gift for yo’ all. Use code – GETMUNCHING at checkout for a 10% exclusive discount from its official website or get it from Amazon just by clicking below.

We hope you’ve enjoyed reading this article and you should definitely consider getting the Muncher for your next outdoor adventure or simply using it when you are hungry.

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