The Ultimate Hammock for Your Outdoor Trip – The Kammok Roo

- Not the Hammock you want, But the Hammock you NEED

Hammock- Kammock Roo

We like

  • The smooth fabric
  • It provides insulation from the cold wrapping you from the sides
  • Portability, its compact size
  • The sturdy Python straps

We don’t like

  • Blocks fresh air from the sides
  • Requires some effort to tie it at both ends for the first time
  • Requires tall objects in the surrounding for the hammock to be tied toThe Kammock Roo


This was our first exposure to a Hammock, and we shall say it was a great one. Apart from struggling a bit, in the beginning, to tie the hammock at the right height at both ends, we have had no problems. We find the material to be of superior quality, and the straps to be strong and durable. Not to mention, the Kammok Roo made us feel sleepy after a while of chilling in it, we really recommend this product to someone who is looking for a great quality, durable product to relax in the outdoors. You can read the rest of the article for details on why we struggled to set it up in the beginning and to understand further whether this product is right for you.


The Review

After long hours of work and a busy schedule, who doesn’t want to unwind by relaxing in the outdoors?  We were looking for products that would fulfill this need and stumbled upon a hammock, The Kammok Roo.

A hammock, in general, is a long piece of fabric crafted in a certain fashion that hosts two ends which can be tied to trees or an object of similar nature.

Once tied at both ends, a hammock is wide enough to fit an individual or two(depending on the size of the hammock) horizontally.

Hence, making a great chill-out amenity.

We review products on SettleOutdoor that can be used in outdoor settings, and during travel adventures, and as we were searching for an awesome chill-out amenity for the outdoors, we came across the Kammok Roo which seemed like an amazing way to rest in the outdoors without a care in the world, care-free lying in mid-air on a piece of comfy ripstop nylon cloth that wraps you from the sides and keeps you cozy.

A hammock works great for an outdoor trip helping you sleep safely off the ground as long as you can find something to tie it to at both ends,

What is included?

The Kammok Roo comes in this handy pouch as seen in the picture.

Hammock- Kammock Roo


When you purchase a Kammok Roo, you receive:

Kammock- Python straps

Carabiner & Python Straps
Carabiner & Python Straps

How tying the Hammock works

Step 1: Find two points or two trees that are about 13 inches apart.

Step 2: Take the python strap, wrap it around the tree about 6 – 8 feet high and pass it through the loop on the other end of the python strap, pull it firmly so that it is now tightly wrapped around the tree.

Step 3: Pull out the Roo, attach the carabiner at the one end of the Roo to the Python strap.

Step 4: Do the same for the other end.

Step 5: Voila! Sit on the Roo and fall back inside for an immersive sleep amidst nature.

Challenges faced

Initially, as we were tying the Kammok to both ends we thought we tied it high enough but as soon as we lay in it we touched the ground. We had to readjust the height of the loops around the trees on both ends twice until it was high enough that the Kammok was now at a distance from the ground even as we lay in it.

Hammock- Kammock Roo



For its functionality, the Kammok is super portable and comes handy in an outdoor setting. Think of it as a great replacement for carrying heavy sleeping bags and a folding chair on an outdoor trip, this will help you understand the value of a Kammok instantly.


You can see from the pictures that it comes in a size so handy that it can be easily held in the palm of your hand. Hence, carrying it anywhere is a breeze.


Taking into consideration the functionality, portability and other aspects of the product, it is a wonderful product for any outdoor enthusiast to have. It made us want to sleep in it after just a while of lying in it, what more could one want. We think the user experience of the product will provide instant gratification to its owner. Although pricing can be at the higher end, we believe the product provides enough value to justify its price.

So go ahead and grab one and let us know your experience!


We hope you’ve enjoyed reading this article and you should definitely consider getting the Muncher for your next outdoor adventure or simply using it when you are hungry.

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