Why you would want to buy the Ameo Powerbreather

How the Ameo Powerbreather does not just replace your regular snorkel

To start with, think of this, why not have 2 breathing tubes in your snorkel instead of one? What about a system in your snorkel that eliminates pendulum breathing?

Or a valve that drains any water from entering the snorkel instantly without it ever reaching your mouth? Enter, The Ameo powerbreather.

A device that has been praised by the many users and reviewers for the various benefits it offers over a traditional snorkel. We have done our homework and tested the device thoroughly in order to provide you with a good understanding of the pros of this device. Further, we have highlighted some flaws that we came across during the use of this device.

It is important to know how the Ameo powerbreather is different from your regular snorkel, in order to better understand whether you should buy one.

Ameo powerbreather
Ameo powerbreather

Why the Ameo powerbreather stands out

  1. Smart Valve system separates inhalation and exhalation-Exhaled air passes out through a separate front air chamber while fresh air is inhaled through the 2 breathing pipes. While in a regular snorkel where there is only a single channel for both inhalation and exhalation of air, some of the exhaled air stays in the breathing pipe and eventually more and more CO2 gets accumulated as you breathe, meaning you start inhaling more and more CO2 (also known as pendulum breathing). You can find a detailed explanation of this below.
  2. Perfect fit- The powerbreather due to its brilliant design fits in a snug and non-wiggly manner, making it a hassle-free device. This allows for efficient lap swimming as you don’t need to adjust anything as you swim even with all the vigorous movements as we have observed in our testing which is a great plus for snorkeling as well.
  3. Flip turns- Unlike a traditional snorkel, flip turns can be made in swimming pools while wearing the powerbreather. Again, thanks to its snug design, everything stays in place allowing you to move as freely as possible.
  4. Water doesn’t exist the device except if it is worn in the wrong manner, and if it does it exits through the lower chamber. Below the mouthpiece, there is a water outlet situated which allows for easy exit of the water preventing water from entering your mouth. No salt water in your mouth while snorkeling, what a relief! Meanwhile, even if your snorkel has a lower purge valve you still have to blow hard to expel the water which is not the case with the powerbreather.

    Ameo powerbreather side view
    Ameo powerbreather side view

The Drawbacks

During our testing, we came across a few limitations. We found that if the device is worn without a swim cap, strands of hair get caught up occassionally which can cause some pain while the taking the gear off your head.

Since we are interested in comparing this device to regular snorkels, we find the lack of a dropdown mouthpiece like the one in the Cressi Alpha UltraDry snorkel.

Pendulum Breathing- How the powerbreather can save you from a life hazard

Pendulum breathing occurs when you continuously inhale the same air you exhaled. This can occur while using a traditional snorkel.

Let me explain, the air you just exhaled through your mouth via the mouthpiece does not completely exit the snorkel and is sort of trapped within the breathing pipe.

When you inhale again, you also inhale part of your exhaled air. If this process of exhalation and inhalation continues, eventually you’ll be inhaling CO2 with trivial amounts of oxygen leading to exhaustion and even death in some cases.

The powerbreather has successfully eradicated this problem. The powerbreather allows exhalation(through your mouth) of air through an air chamber right in front of the mouthpiece.


Ameo Powerbreather
Ameo Powerbreather


Inhalation of air then takes place via a separate channel i.e through the breathing pipes that stay above the surface of the water.

In this manner, the powerbreather is breathing in fresh air every time and exhaling it through a different channel.

Ameo Powerbreather speed vent
Ameo Powerbreather speed vent

Our Verdict

The powerbreather is an excellent device that is revolutionising the swimming and snorkeling industry in a way that hasn’t been done before.

As we have seen, the powerbreather comes with an array of benefits over your regular snorkel.

From breathing fresh air(avoiding pendulum breathing) to clearing water from your breathing pipe without blowing, it is indeed a breakthrough product.

At the other end of the spectrum, it does come with a few drawbacks as well such as not being able to have a dropdown mouthpiece.

As for leisure snorkeling, for instance, to watch marine life, we would still prefer the Cressi Alpha UltraDry, as taking your face out of of the water and dropping that mouthpiece down to be able to shout out to your buddy and tell him about that black tipped reef shark you just saw in those bright blue Maldivian waters has its own charm.

On the other hand, we believe that the Ameo powerbreather is a great product for lap swimming in pools or open swimming in the ocean. In fact in our opinion, there is no product on the market that matches the ease and convenience of the Ameo powerbreather when it comes to these activities.

Ameo Powerbreather Regular snorkel
Comfort ✔️
Safety ✔️
Ease of putting on ✔️
Ease of taking off ✔️


We hope you’ve enjoyed reading this article and you should definitely consider getting the Ameo Powerbreather for your next wet adventure and do let us know your thoughts in the comments below,  what do you like about this particular model or any other snorkel you would like to see us review.

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