A water bottle with an in-built purifier? – The Grayl Ultralight Purifier

Your fresh supply of drinking water on the go!


The Grayl Ultralight Purifier

Grayl Bottle & Purifier Cartridge


The Experiment

Yes, Grayl bottles can purify water. But up to what extent? On their website, they claim that this purifier “provides global protection from waterborne pathogens (VIRUS, bacteria, protozoan cysts), pesticides, chemicals, heavy metals and microplastics. In fifteen seconds, it makes 16 ounces (473 ml) of safe, clean drinking water – anywhere on earth.”

So we decided to test the product with visibly dirty water(below) in order to test the performance of the bottle’s purifier.  (To directly scroll down to our conclusion/verdict click here)

Grayl Bottle Component
Water mixed with dirt


We poured the water above into the bottle and then ran the purification process(video below).

And in under half a minute, this is the end result.

Grayl Bottle Component
Purified water


Click the play button and you’ll see how the magic happened!

The water bottle is a boon for hiking, trekking, and so many other activities that happen at locations where lack of potable water is an issue.

It’s like having your fresh supply of water anywhere you go.

Now that you’ve seen what the Grayl Ultralight Purifier is capable of, let’s take a deeper look at the bottle.

Grayl Bottle Component

Grayl Bottle Component

The Components

  • The Bottle’s external blue cover
  • The transparent water container
  • Purifier Cartridge (attaches to the base of the water container)
  • The lid



This purifier cartridge below is what is responsible for the magic.

Purifier Cartridge
Purifier Cartridge


The Purifier Cartridge goes right at the bottom of this water container like this,

Grayl Bottle Component

1-2 presses,

Grayl Bottle Component

And BAM!

Grayl Bottle Component


Our UX Study

What we like:

  • The sturdy feel of the bottle.
  • Visually, the bottle has a nice modern and sleek look.
  • The carry handle on the lid of the bottle makes it easy to carry using just one finger.
  • When drinking, the surface feels smooth to the lips and does not feel even slightly rough,
  • BPA-free
  • The ease of purifying contaminated water in just 1-2 presses and on-the-go.
  • Durability, Grayl states the purification cartridges will last for about 10 years.
  • Every Grayl comes with a 10-year warranty.
  • In 16 seconds, we were able to purify water in it. (as you can see in the video)


Although, this is a great bottle/purifier there are a few things you should know:

Grayl Bottle Component
  • This particular model does not have a sports tip, you need to unscrew the large lid to drink from the bottle.


  • The bottle holds 473ml, so some might find it to be small, although it is also what makes the bottle handy on the other hand.



The Purifier Cartridge

Purifier Cartridge

To give you a detailed picture of the cartridge’s specs and capabilities, the below is from Grayl’s website,

    • Virus protection. Removes 99.99% of viruses (e.g. Hepatitis A, SARS, Rotavirus).
    • Bacteria & protozoa protection. Removes 99.9999% of disease-causing bacteria (e.g. E. coliSalmonella) and 99.9% of protozoan cysts (e.g. Giardia, Cryptosporidium).
    • Improves health, flavor, odor & clarity. Filters particulates (e.g. sediment, silt), many chemicals (e.g. chlorine, benzene) and heavy metals (e.g. lead, arsenic).
    • Effective against viruses: 99.99%
    • Effective against bacteria: 99.9999%
    • Effective against protozoan cysts: 99.9%
    • Effective against particulates: Yes
    • Effective against many chemicals: Yes
    • Effective against many heavy metals: Yes
    • Improves water flavor, odor & clarity: Yes
    • Chemical-free: Yes
    • Antimicrobial: Yes
    • BPA-free: Yes
    • Materials: ABS food-grade plastic, food-grade silicone
    • Active technology: Electroadsorption, ultra-powdered activated carbon and silver treated zeolites. Unlike standard mechanical filtration, the Ultralight Purifier Bottle is powered by a patented electroadsorptive media capable of removing submicron pathogens and inorganic contaminants. With [ONE PRESS], electroadhesion and ion exchange create a powerful submicron trap for pathogens (viruses, bacteria and protozoan cysts). Additionally, the purifier media contains many embedded layers of ultra-powdered activated carbon which create a large surface area for removing toxins like chemicals and heavy metals. Silver treated zeolites, a natural antimicrobial, inhibit growth and keeps the purifier fresh between uses.
    • Tested according to NSF/ANSI standards: 42 + 53


Our Verdict

Subtract the purifier, and we would still buy this bottle just for its contemporary looks. In addition, it is BPA-free and a whole list of other things. So, looks and safety are both present.

As for the purifier which is Grayl’s USP, we consider it a huge supplement to the bottle. The sense of having a water purifier alongside as you travel anywhere around the globe is empowering.

Now, Grayl states that their product is tested to “NSF standards 42+53”. So, we think it is an excellent choice to use the bottle and its purifier under conditions where thirst needs to be satiated no matter what.

Using this as your daily bottle and taking it on adventures from time to time is the way to go.

To sum up, even as minimalists we think purchasing this one durable, safe, and chic water bottle that comes with purification capabilities letting you thrive on any adventure is a wise investment. Despite its premium pricing.

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