Tru-Fire Panic-x Eliminator Buckle Foldback Archery Compound Bow Release

 (as of May 31, 2020, 9:21 pm) $99.97




A capture hook release that’s great for bowhunters who struggle with trigger releases, the tru-fire panic x buckle foldback bow release helps developing archers perfect their technique. This capture hook-style release utilizes anti-trigger punch technology to keep the release from activating from an accidental tap or light touch on the trigger. This extra protection helps archers keep away from frustration as they discover ways to pull through each shot, and can also be turned off as the archer acclimates to the release. Quiet foldback buckle strap provides a solid anchor for the release. Customizable length adjustment makes it easy to customize the release to your preferences.

  • ANTI-TRIGGER PUNCH- Combats target panic. Punch Technology would possibly not activate with a light tap or touch. Features an on/off antipunch switch
  • CUSTOMIZABLE LENGTH ADJUSTMENT – Adjust the length between head and strap. The length adjustment location could also be locked in place.
  • SINGLE JAW – Capture Design. Helps developing archers learn proper technique
  • FOLDBACK DESIGN – Allows the rod to fold back so it is out of the way when mountain climbing a tree or having a look through binoculars
  • AMBIDEXTROUS – Fits both left and right hand

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