REENUO 5000mAh Camping Fan with LED Lights

 (as of September 2, 2021, 8:10 pm) $19.99

【Very Bright LED Camping Fan】
【Tent Fan with Hanging Hook】



【Very Bright LED Camping Fan】Even as bringing strong wind power, it can be quiet, energy-saving and stable for a very long time. The lowest power consumption is only 4W, and the lowest noise is only 30.3bB (A). The head of this table fan is designed with a LED light for the usage of in the tent at night.Three speeds are adjustable and wind power is adjustable horizontally/vertically by 360 degrees.Let you feel cool from every angle.
【Tent Fan with Hanging Hook】This tent fan has a built-in hook at the bottom, you’ll be able to hang it anywhere you wish to have to, on the tent, on the branches and so on. It comes with its own ultra-stable chassis, which guarantees smooth operation even at maximum wind speed. It can be placed on the table or mounted on the wall. This tent fan is perfect for outdoor activities.
【Long Battery Life】With rechargeable 5000mAh battery (BUILT-IN), It can last for 4.5-40 hours after being fully charged (depending on the speed). If you only use the lighting function, you’ll be able to use 147-440 hours (depending on the brightness). With a 100 cm USB charging cable, it is small and convenient. The fan can be charged by computer, laptop, mobile power, USB charger, mobile phone adapter, car charger, etc. Fans and lights can be used at the same time.
【Small, Protected & Durable】This small trip fan is compact (2.4 * 5.3 * 7.1 inches). The child’s fingers will not enter the fan, Protected, lightweight, convenient, mini size, easy to carry or store. Made of high-quality ABS material, it is strong and resistant to falling. Odd drops will not cause damage to the fan unless you beat it hard.
【Difusser Function & Great Gift Idea】Attached with 2 water-absorbing sponges, can add aromatherapy on the back for aroma diffuser function to chill out. It could be a great gift idear for your friends and family in this summer.

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